What’s New With Dust and Ashes?

As always, we’ve been working a lot on improving in every way we can think of. The past couple of months have been the most productive that I’ve seen in a very long time, and I have a very good feeling about where we’re headed this year!

Here’s a detailed update of the recent changes and future plans of Dust and Ashes:

1. “Withered Away” Full Album Preorder Packages

We’ve been talking about this album for at least five years now, and have run into quite a few setbacks. Recording was too expensive, we kept losing members and having to train new ones, and our schedules have been crazy busy, but we finally decided to just put everything aside and focus on the album release. Now that we all have the gear for it, we can record everything on our own, and we’re pretty dang proud of how it’s turning out! Hear for yourself on our YouTube channel!

Preorder packages are available from our online store.

2. New Street Team

We’ve tried to start a street team many times before, but it’s never been as organized as now! We’re taking volunteers for fill-in musicians, promoters, merch workers, lights controllers, you name it! If you’re interested in becoming a part of our street team, click here to apply!

3. National Shows

Before 2014, it’s been way too long since we’ve opened for a national band, but our recent activity seems to be catching us a few big shows! You’ve probably heard about our most recent show with Anvil, and coming up on May 30th, we have a show with Dog Fahion Disco at Bogies! Be sure to check our shows page for more info!

4. Transportation

Thanks to Charlie, we now have a tour van! It’s not a 15 foot tall bus with a bathroom, a kitchen, and bunkbeds inside, but it’s exactly what we’ve been needing to branch out to other cities! We plan to play out of town much more, now that we have the means to do so. Speaking of traveling for shows, we have a show coming up that is(for the first time) outside of New York State! Wallingford, CT to be exact, and we’re pumped!

5. New Website

Having a website isn’t anything new for us, but the new one in progress(that you are currently viewing) is better in so many ways. It can be updated on the go from my phone, we now have comments and likes available, a contact form, a street team application, the list goes on! It’s just a really nice update and it makes self-managing everything much more bearable!

6. Magazine Features

If you haven’t read it already, make sure you check out our interview with PopVulture Magazine! We are also scheduled to have a full page feature in the May issue of Stencil Magazine.

7. Radio Features

We were featured on 97.1 WGFR a few months ago, we have an upcoming interview on the “Waking Up on Cloud City” show on 90.9 WCDB, and will be featured on an underground radio station in Connecticut!

8. Music Videos

Although some footage was lost, we should still have a music video for Withered Away coming soon if all goes well. Either way, we still have access to music video equipment, and are already planning our next videos!

9. New Newsletter

(Subscribe to the newsletter by using the menu to the right of the screen! If you can’t see it to the right, scroll up and click the menu button.)

Like the new website, our newsletter is much more organized. All you have to do is type in your email and subrcribe, and you’ll get awesome updates about new shows and music!

10. New Members

We’ve been through many line up changes, but none as crazy, active, and dedicated as this crew! We are all very into this music, we all record, we all move onstage, and we all seem to find our place in the band. If you haven’t seen a show with Adam, Charlie, Aaron, and Jeremy(myself), get off of your laptops, tablets, and phones and catch a show!

Breath-taking Secrets Revealed!

It’s no secret that Dust and Ashes has had many member switches over the years(especially drummers!), but one might wonder: how do we keep up with promo pics? How can a band with such a supposedly “tight budget” afford a photo-shoot every 3 months? Is that where all of the donations, show earnings, and merchandise money is going?

If you’ve been asking any of these questions, it’s time to finally put your mind at ease. We’re about to look at a few individual photos and show you the secret to our budget crunching methods!

Photo #1: Charlie and Grady’s Arrival

At first glance, you think “Wow, what a bunch of rich snobs! They just got a photo shoot 3 years ago, and now they’re getting another one already?”
But let’s look again… Doesn’t that picture seem familiar? Wait a minute, that’s the same location as the previous photo-shoot! That’s because it is, in fact, the same picture! Charlie merely used his photoshop genius skills to add both himself and Grady into the picture!

Photo #2: Adam’s Arrival/Dust and Ashes Wednesday

Another job well done by Charlie Nugent. This time, not only is Adam photoshopped into the picture, but the ash on our foreheads is more money saving magic! Also almost unnoticeable, is the fact that he didn’t have our logo for this picture, so he grabbed it from one of our old website splash screens. Way to go Charlie!

Let’s take a look at one more…

Photo #3: Doge and Ashes

I just threw this one in because I’ve gotten questions on it, this one is actually real! We stumbled on Facebook page for a pack of dogs that formed a band together with a very similar name, so we didn’t even take this photo. Crazy, right?!

New Song and New Show!

Exciting news! Our show in March has been changed from the 23rd to the 28th. Why is this exciting? Because we will now be opening for the well known heavy metal band “Anvil” at Bogies!

We will post more info when tickets become available. In the meantime, check out our new single “Dead Rise” here:

“Dead Rise” Single Release

We’re about to bring out our once a month song release for February!

Dead Rise is one of the last of the Killswitch Engage inspired songs that I’ll be writing for awhile. For the intro/chorus, I wanted to recreate that crazy multiple guitar riff feel used by many metalcore bands I’ve listened to(Trivium and All That Remains to name a couple). To achieve this, I recorded two harmonized lead tracks, with two rhythm guitars for that thick, chugging sound.

I decided to make the verse nice and simple, so as to focus on the vocals, and the prechorus has a nice tremolo picking/double bass feel to it. The song ends with a classic KSE style breakdown that I’m pretty dang proud of! (Wait till you hear the effects Charlie added on!)

This song was originally supposed to be a studio test just to see how Charlie would handle drum tracking. But once I heard what he came back with, I thought it was definitely something we had to show you!

Needless to say, I’m pretty dang pumped for this release and I think this new recording method is working out awesome for us!

Look for Dead Rise on our social media pages this week.