“Dead Rise” Single Release

We’re about to bring out our once a month song release for February!

Dead Rise is one of the last of the Killswitch Engage inspired songs that I’ll be writing for awhile. For the intro/chorus, I wanted to recreate that crazy multiple guitar riff feel used by many metalcore bands I’ve listened to(Trivium and All That Remains to name a couple). To achieve this, I recorded two harmonized lead tracks, with two rhythm guitars for that thick, chugging sound.

I decided to make the verse nice and simple, so as to focus on the vocals, and the prechorus has a nice tremolo picking/double bass feel to it. The song ends with a classic KSE style breakdown that I’m pretty dang proud of! (Wait till you hear the effects Charlie added on!)

This song was originally supposed to be a studio test just to see how Charlie would handle drum tracking. But once I heard what he came back with, I thought it was definitely something we had to show you!

Needless to say, I’m pretty dang pumped for this release and I think this new recording method is working out awesome for us!

Look for Dead Rise on our social media pages this week.