Breath-taking Secrets Revealed!

It’s no secret that Dust and Ashes has had many member switches over the years(especially drummers!), but one might wonder: how do we keep up with promo pics? How can a band with such a supposedly “tight budget” afford a photo-shoot every 3 months? Is that where all of the donations, show earnings, and merchandise money is going?

If you’ve been asking any of these questions, it’s time to finally put your mind at ease. We’re about to look at a few individual photos and show you the secret to our budget crunching methods!

Photo #1: Charlie and Grady’s Arrival

At first glance, you think “Wow, what a bunch of rich snobs! They just got a photo shoot 3 years ago, and now they’re getting another one already?”
But let’s look again… Doesn’t that picture seem familiar? Wait a minute, that’s the same location as the previous photo-shoot! That’s because it is, in fact, the same picture! Charlie merely used his photoshop genius skills to add both himself and Grady into the picture!

Photo #2: Adam’s Arrival/Dust and Ashes Wednesday

Another job well done by Charlie Nugent. This time, not only is Adam photoshopped into the picture, but the ash on our foreheads is more money saving magic! Also almost unnoticeable, is the fact that he didn’t have our logo for this picture, so he grabbed it from one of our old website splash screens. Way to go Charlie!

Let’s take a look at one more…

Photo #3: Doge and Ashes

I just threw this one in because I’ve gotten questions on it, this one is actually real! We stumbled on Facebook page for a pack of dogs that formed a band together with a very similar name, so we didn’t even take this photo. Crazy, right?!