Dust and Ashes is a fully independent christian progressive metal band based in the capital region area of New York. Forming in 2006, the band has faced many challenges and member changes, but there’s no question that they’ll do whatever it takes to keep pushing on. Taking their name from the book of Genesis, it serves as a humble reminder of humans worth compared to God.

Current members:
Jeremy Rhoades
Aaron Rhoades
Charlie Nugent
Adam Vroman

Past members and fill-ins:

Matt Cutler
Zack Gordon
Brandon Campione

Danny O’Leary
Alex Kawolski
Robbie Bronk
London Rowland
Lindsay Martin
Mike Miktropolis

Isaac Robison
Rocky Rockwell
Grady Picinich

Bands we’ve shared the stage with:
Stryper, FireFlight, After the Burial, Bleeding Through, Stray From the Path, The Afters, The Word Alive, For Today, Anvil, The Bunny the Bear, Dog Fashion Disco, Psychostick, War of Ages, Battlecross, Ikillya, Toxic, Crimson Shadows, Beyond the Shore, The Ongoing Concept, and Flight Patterns.