Street Team Application

Q:What is a street team?
A: A street team is a group of people working behind the scenes, and is a key element needed to make a band successful.

Q: Why should I join the Dust and Ashes street team?
A: We’ve been an independent band for over 7 years, and feel that we are at the point when a street team is the most crucial. We don’t have the funds, background team, or connections of a signed band, and we feel that is the main thing hurting us.

But that’s where you come in!

Withered Away is coming out soon, and it won’t be successful without you!

Q: What’s in it for me?
A: How much we give back greatly depends on our budget and how much we can raise for our album fundraiser, but we’ll definitely reward our hardest workers with some kind of perk.

Some perk ideas we’ve been discussing include: free merch, free tickets, underground show access, and your very own theme song or jingle written by Dust and Ashes. However, rewards are not guaranteed.

If you’re interested in helping, fill out an application below!

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Tell us a brief history of your work experience
Include music experience if applying as a musician or fill-in

Please check all areas of interest(detailed descriptions are below)
Online PromotionPhysical PromotionLightsRoadieMerch WorkerMusician/Fill-in

Please read the following options carefully and choose the longest option that you are available for
I am willing to travel for single shows(1 day)I am willing to travel for short tours(2-7 days)I am willing to travel for long tours(2-3 weeks)I am NOT willing to tour or travel for shows

By clicking "Submit," I understand that(while volunteering) I am representing Dust and Ashes. Because of this, I will refrain from negativity, foul language or inappropriate behavior during all street team activities.

Online Promotion – Share Facebook statuses, tag us in posts, change profile pictures to flyers or ads during crucial advertisement weeks(example: the week of a show or song release), make memes.

Physical Promotion – Sell tickets, post flyers, hand out CD’s*, hand out download cards*, retrieve e-mail addresses for the newsletter*.
*May be required to do these at specific times and locations such as national shows, festivals, or local shows.

Lights – Learn our songs and come to shows. Set up, control, and put away lights with care.

Roadie – Help set up and tear down at shows.

Merch Worker – Come to shows. Set up, run, and put away merch table. Handle transactions. Count inventory before opening and after closing. Must be trustworthy, friendly, and responsible with money.

Musician/Fill-in – Learn our songs, be available, plan on attending and performing shows(often as a back up).